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Chair Massage at trade shows

‚ÄčOn-site chair massage in Boston and throughout Massachusetts

Coffee Break Massage and Wellness provides onsite massage/traveling chair massage in Boston and throughout Massachusetts

Trade Shows and Conventions

Attract people to your booth with Chair Massage!

Chair Massage Events by Coffee Break Massage
Benefits of Chair Massage at a Trade Show or Convention

Increase booth traffic and sales leads. People will line up and wait for a free massage.   You'll have a captive audience to present your products and services to while they wait.   Plus-- nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd!
Tip: Advertise ahead of time that you will be offering chair massage at your booth.  Attendees will be lining up to visit your booth before the trade show or convention doors open!

Create a positive first impression.  Massage is thought of as a healthier alternative to offering food and beverages.

You'll have an opportunity to engage your visitors.  Chair massage encourages attendees to remain at your booth longer, as opposed to just walking by and glancing, or just picking up a free gift and continuing on their way.

Create a more-receptive audience.  After the massage, they will be relaxed, know more about your company's offerings, and be more open to talking about using your products and services.

Be the stress-relief in a high-stress environment!
Attendees will gravitate toward your booth for a chance to relax during an otherwise high-stress, fast-paced day.
  • Chair massage is a great way to draw attendees to your booth at the next Trade Show or Convention.

  • Speak with attendees about your products and services, or require they sign up for your email list prior to receiving a massage... you make the rules!

  • Coffee Break Massage & Wellness therapists set up in a small area so you can utilize your entire booth space.

  • Email us to book Coffee Break Massage Chair Massage for your upcoming trade show or convention booth!