• Chair massage is an easy addition to any private event!
    Dinner parties, Baby/bridal showers, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, girls night in, etc.

  • Adding chair massage will make your event more memorable.

  • We can set up in a private room or in the middle of the party room. It's up to you!

  • Contact us to book Coffee Break Massage for your next party or event!

Coffee Break Massage and Wellness provides onsite massage/traveling chair massage in Boston and throughout Massachusetts

​On-site chair massage in Boston and throughout Massachusetts

Chair Massage Party Event
Client Testimonial:

"My daughter was having her First Communion on Mother’s Day this year. I had invited over fifty family and friends. I started to feel guilty that they were all going to be spending their Mother’s Day celebrating my daughter, and not themselves. I decided to call Coffee Break Massage and Wellness to see if they would provide chair massage for the mothers that attended. Everyone LOVED it!"

Chair Massage Party

Make your gathering more memorable by adding chair massage!

Chair Massage Events by Coffee Break Massage
Picture This:

You have been preparing for a party at your home for months.  You have been cleaning all week, and cooking all day.

The guests are about to arrive and you are already exhausted. You then remember that you booked Coffee Break Massage and Wellness to provide chair massage!

A professional massage therapist arrives on time.  You show her to your home office that is tucked away from the chaos of the party, and has enough room for the chair massage. 

Your guests are excited to hear that they will receive a chair massage at this party.

The guest of honor is grateful and has time during the chair massage to truly appreciate all of the effort you put into making this event special.

All of your guests have had their chance to have a massage and now it’s your turn.  You deserve this and it all cost less than the decorations!

You think: Why haven't I done this before?

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