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  • Chair Massage is the perfect way to show your employees how much they are appreciated. Massages help employees to feel valued and cared for.

  • Add chair massage to any of your events to make your employees feel appreciated: Holiday Party, Company Picnic, Team Building Exercise, Brainstorming meeting, etc.
  • Chair Massage is often more cost effective and healthier than providing food -- and is much more memorable!

  • Implement a chair massage program to increase employee productivity while decreasing workplace stress and fatigue.​

  • Offer any length of chair massage between 6 minutes and 30 minutes per employee. The most popular chair massage length is 15-minutes per employee.

  • Email us to schedule your Employee Appreciation Chair Massage today!

Employee Appreciation

Provide your employees with a chair massage ​to show them they are appreciated!

Chair Massage Events by Coffee Break Massage

Coffee Break Massage and Wellness provides onsite massage/traveling chair massage in Boston and throughout Massachusetts

​On-site chair massage in Boston and throughout Massachusetts

Massage in the Workplace benefits both your employees and your company!
Recent research has shown that massage is effective in relieving the following conditions:

  • Relieve Lower back pain (*1)
  • Boost the body’s immune system functioning (*2)
  • Decrease the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome (*3)
  • Lower blood pressure (*4)
  • Reduce headache frequency (*5)

Massage will not only show your employees that they are appreciated, it can help them to stay healthy!  Less workplace stress, headaches, pain, and illness will help to improve productivity!

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