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Don't have the budget for chair massage?

Host an Employee-Sponsored event!

  • With our easy self-pay option, each employee is responsible for the cost of their own chair massage.

  • It's easy and can be set up to be of no cost to the company.

  • ​Your employees will be grateful for the opportunity to have a massage in the workplace.

  • Contact us to set up your Employee-Sponsored Chair Massage Event today!

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Massage at work
Employee Paid Massage

"Truthfully, I was nervous that my employees would not participate in the self-pay chair massage program. Boy was I wrong, the first day booked up so fast that we had to call Coffee Break Massage and Wellness to see if we could add on another hour. It was one of the better business decisions I have every made and I even sneak in for a chair massage when I am in town."

"As a Human Resources Manager at a Government-funded company, I have a VERY tight budget to work with and I am also responsible for the wellness of our employees. Coffee Break Massage and Wellness makes it easy for us to offer chair massage to our employees while not taking from our budget. Our employees take their fifteen minute break, pay the affordable cost of the chair massage and return to work more relaxed and happy. It’s a win for everyone! Thank you to Coffee Break Massage & Wellness for making my job easier."

"My company is not able to provide us with many perks but the fact that they allow Coffee Break Massage and Wellness to come to our office once a month means a lot to me. The cost is well worth it and it is much less expensive than booking a full hour massage in my off time."

Chair Massage Events by Coffee Break Massage

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